The basis of the banking system of Japan

Relations on a loan is a financial relationship between the credit Thor and the borrower related to the circulation of capital in order to under- treatment its size. However, the above classification is based on chaotic- tion, haphazard qualifying signs. Trust management of monetary funds and other property soci Operations with precious metals and precious- governmental stones in accordance with the law. Financial loan means direct issuance of money loan- recall on the terms of the loan agreement. In the Bank for the borrower offers special loan account — con tocurrent.

The form of the loan the borrower can be different. 5. The substitution of money in circulation contributes to the acceleration their turnover in the economy. According to the Russian legislation, the Bank is different from all other many financial intermediaries that only he has exceptional Noah the right to carry out in aggregate following banking OPE- the radio: • attracting deposits from individuals and legal ical parties; • placement of attracted funds of legal entities and individuals on their own behalf and at own expense on the terms of the who- vrednosti, interest payment, and maturity; • opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal- individuals. This: • issuing Bank, which is fixed for monopoly money issue; • the Bank of government: budget execution and control of the state governmental debt; • the Bank of banks: clearing centre, the lender of last resort; • conductor of monetary and foreign exchange policy; • the Supervisory authority for banks and financial markets.

Exceptional value banks determi- determined mainly because they can: to form a means of payment; to issue means of payment in circulation; serve as means of payment withdrawal from circulation. In this function of the credit lies with motion de neg on the scheme: "savings — investment". Under the solvency of the entity understood the availability of the prerequisites for the loan and the ability of the who- exposure it in time. exclusion him from the mortgagor. Secondly, the increasing role of banks in economic life in General STV is connected with change of the material form of money, namely shirou- Kim the use of funds and calculations. Describe the main stages in the development of modern a commercial Bank. Surety is a contract unilateral commitments by which the guarantor commits to the creditor to pay if necessary- the outstanding of the borrower. General features of banking operations and services are: continuing character of trust property, the exercise by the Stan- standard rules in accordance with the law or banking mi rules and customs. Economic independence implies: • the freedom to dispose of own funds of the Bank and mobilization of resources; • free choice of clients and investors; • free disposal of the Bank's income. Currently the mortgage loan is in mortgage banks.